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LISTERINE® Healthy White Multi-action Mouthwash 1L

LISTERINE® Healthy White Multi-action Mouthwash 1L
LISTERINE® Healthy White Multi-action Mouthwash 1L


The brand-new LISTERINE® Healthy White Multi-action Mouthwash is clinically proven to remove and prevent teeth stains from forming, for naturally whiter teeth in just 2 weeks, comparing to brushing alone. So you can easily enjoy your favourite tea, coffee and red wine!

 LISTERINE® Healthy White Multi-action Mouthwash helps you follows:

To Effectively Clean:

- An essential-oils compound that has obvious effects to thoroughly clean the tooth surface and effectively remove bacterial plaque

To Whiten Teeth and Prevent Stains:

- The non-abrasive polyphosphate technology can gently and effectively remove teeth stains without harming teeth, making teeth naturally brighter
- Forms a protective shield against hard-to-remove stains.

Strengthens teeth:

- Contains Fluoride to help strengthen teeth

To Defeat Bad Breath

- Fight germs that cause plaque and bad breath

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